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We are a full service preneed and cemetery care fund management company in business exclusively for the death care industry.

Managing the objectives of a cemetery care fund requires a balanced approach based on each cemetery’s unique needs. Whether the priority is current income for today’s maintenance costs or long-term growth for tomorrow, CFF offers a flexible program of five investment strategies to meet the objectives of any cemetery.


Conservative Income Strategy:

Seeks to preserve capital and generate interest income associated with a fixed income investment strategy. Typically invested in 100% United States Treasury Bonds. Intended for companies that want to minimize risk while earning interest for today’s costs. 

Moderate Income Strategy:

Seeks primarily to generate current income and preserve principal while taking on moderate risk. Companies investing in this strategy generally seek to gain current income through interest and dividends for current maintenance costs.

Conservative Growth & Income Strategy:

Seeks primarily to generate current income and secondarily to provide modest long-term growth of capital. Intended for companies that are still growing perpetual care principal with new deposits or have a significant principal balance that generates enough income to cover ongoing maintenance costs. 

Moderate Growth & Income Strategy:

Seeks an even combination of current income and capital appreciation investments. Best for companies who generally have moderate ongoing maintenance costs or are able to subsidize these costs by other means. 

Long Term Growth & Income Strategy:

Seeks significant growth of capital and generation of modest current income. For companies that have either low ongoing maintenance costs or are able to subsidize those costs by other means.