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We are a full service preneed and cemetery care fund management company in business exclusively for the death care industry.

Cooperative Funeral Fund (CFF) is here to help you efficiently manage and invest your preneed accounts. The CFF program was created specifically and exclusively for the death care industry, facilitating all aspects of preneed trusts and cemetery care fund management: creation, investment, accounting, service and payout of funds. In addition to fund management and account servicing expertise, Cooperative Funeral Fund also takes great care in understanding each state’s unique laws and regulations regarding our industry. We are here to help you with your state annual reports. CFF currently manages over 540 million dollars in discretionary client assets. Over 1,050 death care clients already rely on CFF for their fund management.

  • Known for our customer service, we are proud to have experienced an excellent client retention rate since our inception in 1989.

• Detailed monthly statements – beginning balance, capital gains, dividend and interest earnings, expenses and fees, additional deposits, withdrawals, and ending balance for each individual preneed trust account
• Confirmation correspondence with the Department of Social Services
• Preparation and filing of tax forms
• 24/7 online account access for members
• Payment plan creation for your families with no extra fees+
• Competitive rate of return*
• No membership fee++
• Claim funds received within 2 business days after furnishing a death certificate


• Free personalized agreement forms for preneed trusts
• Ability to create preneed trust agreements online

• Initiated upon fax receipt of proof of delivery of service or documentation of appropriate maintenance expense
• Claim forms may be printed online

• Access to account information and monthly statements available online anytime
• Monthly account statements mailed to you by the 3rd business day of each month
• iPhone/iPad Application

• Confirmation correspondence with the Department of Social Services
• Preparation and filing of tax forms
• Receipt letters for each account
• Annual letter to client

*, +, ++ Please see the corresponding disclaimer documentation in the link below.